Workshops : Monday, 29th May 2017

Workshop B

12:00 PM - 11:59 PM Best Practice Bidding

This workshop focuses on practical tips that will enhance your bidding capabilities and make you a better, stronger bidder. By getting a valuable insight on the reviewing process coupled with a series of practical bidding tactics, this intimate session is designed to provide you with the best bidding tools in the market, whilst also encouraging a creative approach to the tender process.

Learning outcomes include:
  • First Step: Nail your client’s perspective by understanding the reviewing team. Which key factors are they looking for in a bid?
  • See the bigger picture: Keys to understanding the agency’s overall long term objective and how your project fits into it. Strategies to align objectives at different levels
  • Learn to read through the scope: Leverage innovation through capitalising on ambiguity, without failing to meet output targets
  • Save money and time through appropriate planning and prioritisation of documents - 10 Useful tips that will help you control costs in your next bids
  • Common pitfalls to avoid